Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Walking on Eggshells - When your baby won't stop crying

For the past, almost, twelve months everyone has been stuck in the pergatory of walking on eggshells. When Jac arrived last April our house went from a home to a prison of sorts. Maybe more for me than anyone else. We catered to his every cry for multiple reasons. I knew he was going to be my last and he is the first child I have been able to stay home with, so I wanted to enjoy and take in every second of it. With every wimper he made I was afraid that the echo through our small home would awake the other five children, so I would bring him to bed with me.

Jac also has not been the greatest sleeper, being erratic at best. He is just now starting to sleep through the night (other than a month from 3-4 months where we were in heaven). So I wince with every door close, giggle, arguement, exclaimation, etc of everyone else in the house because after not sleeping at night and not getting anything done, I'm just plain tired. Tired of hearing the noise and the screaming to be picked up. Tired of him hanging on my side. Please don't get me wrong... I LOVE my baby. But does the rest of our family really have to suffer for his sake?

So now, there are certain times of day that he is in his crib... asleep or screaming is really up to him. An hour in the morning, one in the afternoon, and 9 hours at night. Is it really too much to ask from an 11 month old? I'm not sure. Sometimes I feel like it's a little much to ask for from me (and everyone else) to listen to him cry when he decides to be stubborn. But just like everything else, God gives us the grace for this stage and "this too shall pass". We've tried everything from Babywise to following his lead with little progress. I'm assuming this is just the Lord's way of teaching us to fully rely on Him. Any and all suggestions are welcome, but be gentle. On little to no sleep my feelings are a bit fragile today :-) Encouragements always welcome!



  1. You are so right! It will pass and years down the road you'll give anything (maybe even the sleepless nights) to have him be a baby again. It's just a season and I'm sure you've noticed, the older we get the quicker the seasons seem to pass. You're doing good, momma!

  2. Thank you for the encouragement. The last year has flown by, but we always seem to be wishing time away like our lives aren't just a vapor as it is.