Thursday, March 29, 2012

Obviously no Music Monday Post

Aaron has been attacked by the pollen on and off and feeling pretty yucky, so I gave him a break this week from his usual music post. I do want to talk about music though. One song in particular that has effected my life for almost 7 years, since the birth of my first biological son, and will probably effect our family for many more. It's "The Gospel Song". Maybe we started singing this to the kids because it was short... maybe it was just the first song that came to Aunt Amanda's mind one day... but what I do know is it is loved, it is truth, and it is gospel:

"Holy God in love became
perfect man to bear my blame.
On the cross He took my sin
by His death I live again."

Out of the many songs that had been sang to Matthias as a baby, this one was the most requested. Once Lorelai came along, then Jac, this just became "THE" song we sing. We sing it for bedtime, we sing it to calm crying babies and hurting boo boos, we sing it for fun. All six of the children now sing this song and I love it. I love that every time they think they are just singing a simple song the gospel is being rehearsed in their minds and resounding in their hearts.

Although this song has been sung for all of the children, I don't think any of them cherish it quite like Lorelai. As you can see in the picture, she would cuddle up, thumb in mouth and nasty corner in hand (and yes, she actually called it her nasty corner after hearing my dad call it that and referred to it endearingly that way. She would also offer for you to sniff her nasty corner as a sign of affection... but that's a different story.) Even Chandler, when we sang this song in church Sunday, looked around for Lorelai saying "it's Loli's song". When she was sick with a 104* fever last year all she wanted to do was listen to this song on repeat over and over for hours.

This is her song because of all of these reasons, this is our kids' song because it's in their hearts and minds, this is our song because it's truth. I pray this song, and the gospel truth it holds, is passed down from generation to generation in our family. Music is a gift from God and how wonderful for it to be used as a constant reminder of truth.

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