Monday, March 19, 2012

Music Monday - The Playlist

Do you have your music split up in playlists? Webster defines playlist as: “a list of recordings to be played by a radio station; also: a similar list used for organizing a personal digital music collection.” (Hey, don’t think a definition is unnecessary – there are likely some out there who aren’t informed) Today, I’m talking about the latter definition.

Playlists can be sorted in a ton of ways. You could do it the boring way and just divide them up by genre, like rock, jazz, 70’s, alternative , or my favorite “classic rock.” “Not that I have a problem with that.,,” – just saying. Creativity doesn’t come easily to some or perhaps they just don’t care. Here is where I’m conflicted. I don’t necessarily like things to be ordinary or predicable. However, some of my playlists are in desperate need of editing! And why, you ask, don’t you edit them? Time. Time is the enemy. –and expensive too. Can’t seem to find any on clearance… Time that is. I digress.

Currently, I have 16 playlists. Some may think 16 is a lot. I’m not really sure, but I figure it’s America; and if I want 98 playlists then I will . Here are some of my titles at random: Christmas, Christian tunes, 72310, UK favs, Carson’s list (my son), new, folk and easy. Oh, and my favorite: night time…. – we won’t discuss that one for the sensitive eyes and ears close by (use your imagination).

There are some that are on my iPhone at all times, ready for any occasion: Worship, Christian tunes, New, UK favs and 72310. 72310 is my anniversary date (to the most amazing woman in the world!!). These songs were our playlist for our reception. So they are special songs for us and quickly remind me of that wonderful day! the “new” list is recently downloaded artists and albums that I am getting to know and deciding if they make it to the “AC’s Favs” list. The obvious “UK favs” are some of my favorite UK bands: U2, Coldplay, Mumford and Sons, Snow Patrol, Adele and others.
The list that is in the most desperate need of editing is the “AC’s favs” list. It started out several years ago as a list of my favorite songs, or my favorite songs from a particular artist. So, not only do I not like things to be ordinary and predictable, I don’t like for things to take a long time. In my laziness, instead of taking a few minutes to add a couple songs from an album, I would just add the whole stinkin’ thing!! I haven’t added anything to this list in quite a while, but I currently have 689 songs, 4.66GBs and 1.9 days worth…. Factor in the narrow diversity with the quantity then you could easily see that it is just slightly excessive. Just a bit. Now if I worked the list the way I intended to then 689 songs wouldn’t seem that daunting –maybe it’s just me….

I really like the idea and organization of playlists. My laziness plague seems to get the best of me at times (a lot of times). How do you sort your playlists? Do you have a favorite and Are any in need of editing, or am I the only one with that problem? Do tell…

I would say that if music is a gift from God, playlists would be also! I mean, playlists are for our ease and enjoyment – and God is most satisfied with us when we are most satisfied in Him. I, for one, am satisfied when enjoying His gifts.


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