Thursday, March 15, 2012

Socio-economics and the body Christ

Such a big title for a simple stay-at-home mom. But as I find myself learning more about what it looks like to build real, genuine community;  race, social standing, and monetary status seems to play quite a silent but significant role. How many times have you thought about inviting someone over to your home, but were plagued with anxiety that what you have pales in comparison to what they have? Or maybe the thought that you hesitate getting together with someone because you think you probably won't have much in common with them? If we were all honest, most of us have these thoughts. I know I do. So where does the Gospel come into play? For so long I thought these were just normal feelings, which make them okay feelings. The truth is, they are NORMAL feelings, but sin is NORMAL too. Point is - normal does not equal okay.

I know that the word Gospel is equated with "good news" but I realized recently that gospel practically means reconciliation. God sent Christ to reconcile us to Him. That's the Gospel, or good news. We can be reconciled! So what does it mean for us to apply the Gospel in building community, even when our socio-economics are different from those around us? I'm not going too deeply into this, because I'm sure there are many people more qualified to speak these truths. But I do want to share what the Lord is showing me. The definition for reconcile is to bring into agreement or harmony; to make compatible or consistent. This is what Christ's blood did for us, brought us into agreement and harmony with God, making us compatible and consistent with His character and truths. Now knowing what Christ's blood did should make it all the easier to know what to do when we think or feel like we are better or worse than anyone else. God sent Christ to reconcile ALL people to Himself, we have MUCH in common. As christians we are called to be "Christ-like". In an unbelieving world, where very little seems to be in agreement or harmony and where reconciliation seems old-fashioned, our Christ-likeness shines when the goal is to reconcile with ALL who are in our lives.

So the next time you think, as I do often, that there is just no point to spending time with someone who is different than you, or you are anxious about your home being good enough to invite someone in, please remember this: you have in common a Creator who sent His son to crush sins grip on you, to free you from bondage, and to accept you as sons and daughters! Everyone shares that in common.

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