About Us

(From left to right) Chandler, Aaron, Jac, Dylan, Victoria, Matthias, Carson, Lorelai

We are a blended family of eight learning more about Christ, each other, and the things we love. Aaron and I have been married since July 2010. Aaron has joint custody of three children, I brought two children into the marriage whom have since been adopted by Aaron, and we have one together. We do not believe in the terms "step" or "half", so to us we have 6 children and each child has five siblings. Period. We strive to learn to be more like Christ through understanding His word better, building our relationships with each other and our community, and by doing the things we love!

I've recently started my own business called Them Two Birds. We love creating, music, art, the outdoors, community, color, and basically anything social and/or beautiful.