Monday, November 8, 2010

Easy like a Sunday morning...

Three out of five of the children had pretty bad coughs, so we thought we would be oh so kind and keep our germs to ourselves. And honestly, who ever wants to be the family that the church sickness is traced back to. I mean, you know there are always those mothers who go through the list of every child that has been sick to find out who that very first, inconsiderate mom was who brought her sick child to church. ;-) But I digress.

So instead we stayed home and listened to worship music (with whole house singing) while we made brunch. My AMAZING husband went to the store for sausage and picked me up a couple of "I LOVE YOUS"

Soy Cinnamon Dolce Latte with whip

Beautiful Flowers

             For brunch we ate scrambled cheese eggs, bacon, maple sausage, and cinnamon muffins.

This is our family at the table. In the future my handy hubby will be building a breakfast nook that will fit in the corner like a booth, with a square table, and these fabulous antique pews we have. But for now, this is what it takes to feed all 7 of us... and 8 ft. folding table :-)

The rest of the day was spent taking things to goodwill, replacing my car battery, doing three loads of laundry, color coding the kids hangers, redecorating part of the house, and after the kids were in bed, a fire in the fireplace, music on the radio, knitting needles in hand, and my love by my side. That is until he had to get up to fix the internet so that I could post today. J/K... maybe

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Full Throttle

Life is in full speed and it's hard to catch time to post. So I'll attempt to do a quick update of the past couple of weeks. Although our oven has been broken my mother in law so graciously allowed me to come over and put our apples to good use.

apple crumb cake

apple cobbler

For October 29 Carson, Matthias, and Dylan all had fall festival parties. I was not able to attend matthias' party but did send in candy apples for the teachers and sliced candy apples for the kids. The first attempt I did not cook the candy long enough and it ended up soupy for the slices. I got it right with the actual candy apples though.

Dylan wanted to be one of the twelve dancing princesses for her book themed costume, so I made her skirt from my 8th grade formal dress :-)

very last minute costume...

craft at Dylan's class party 

Carson wanted to be Samson for his costume

Also very last minute...

But I was very excited that the kids invited me to their parties. It is amazing to realize how God has blessed these relationships in such a short time of adjustment. I am excited to see how we grow closer in the future.