Thursday, March 15, 2012

Music Monday? if we did the week backwards from saturday ...

Do you have any “first” memories? Like: your first car, house, job, kiss…? What about your first CD? My first CD was “More Miserable Than You’ll Ever Be” by the Seventy Sevens (aka the 77’s). Got it autographed too!! Now, as usual I tend to be a bit behind the times – I’m cheap and mildly afraid of new technology… I got the disk sometime early 1994. Phew, that was 18 years ago! Went to a concert with some buds, got rained on, bought a CD, got it signed, blah, blah, blah….

This post isn’t about that first CD (although a good one), but about the band – the 77’s. For the mere few of you who have ever heard of them, your mind is probably flooded with “remember when memories.” For the vast majority of you who are asking “who in the world are you talking about?,” it’s time to get with the program! This is one of the great bands who revolutionized the “Christian” music scene. They helped to expand our narrow selection of music and paved the way for a new style of Christian music – Christian alternative/rock.

The 77’s style of music is fresh and captivating – even after all these years. They are truly one of my favorite bands. Not just for nostalgia , but they truly are talented and unique. The music is timeless. One of my favorite albums is “Pray Naked” released in 1992. It’s old, but has the sound of a recently released album. It’s hard to believe it has been 20 years… Their first album “All Fall Down” came out in 1984 (It’s older than my wife). Their style would be rock ‘n roll with a taste of blues to keep it interesting.

So I bring them up today because I had the privilege of taking three of my boys to see them this past Saturday. They are doing a re-release tour of their “Sticks and Stones” album – another fine piece of work (you should track them down to see if they are playing near you)! Two of the band members are on the tour: front man Mike Roe and guitarist David Leonhardt. The show was really great. Very laid back and entertaining. Mike and David had some spurts of friendly banter mixed with some band history and stories behind the music. I would highly recommend seeing the show where you can see and hear firsthand the talent and artistry of the music. After all these years, they still play with heart, passion, skill and love for music. – and because, like all musicians, they need your support!

So, my boys…. I expected more excitement and enjoyment from them. But they are at the age where they are overly fearful that everyone in the room is watching their every move - Except chandler!
He was having a great time! He is the professional air-guitarist. He had the best time jamming with the band. After the show, one of the boys said he wanted to join the 77’s. “It would be so awesome, dad!” I am quite sure I enjoyed the show more than they did, but they’ll come around. And we have a new memory to share with each other.

Here’s the skinny: you should be listening to the 77’s. Any given album has a tasteful mix of melodious soft vocals and guitars, and also some loud edgy rock with some blues tossed in – something for every mood. You will not only be investing into your music collection, but investing into the Christian music industry. There is a hidden world of great music that you will never hear on Christian radio.

Take a step of faith, invest, and share!! It makes everyone happy! This is just one band that has allowed me the ability to listen to their music and pull out memories from 20 years ago when I was in college AND memories from last week with my boys. What’s your favorite CD to listen to when you want to bring back great memories?


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