Thursday, March 8, 2012

Music Monday post... on Thursday

This is Victoria.... I do realize today is Thursday and NOT Monday. My dear husband wrote this post on Monday, but I dropped the ball in "approving" his work for publishing. (and yes, his work does have to be approved first, although he approves mine as well). It has been crazy busy at our house - which I promise I'll catch you up on soon. So, without further ado, your Music Monday post... on Thursday.

I thought I would highlight another of my kids this week. Not to copy last week’s topic, but mostly because the effect of music in his little life was displayed for me again this evening. Let me introduce you to Jensen Asa – A.K.A. JAC!! Jac is our 11 month old bundle of joy trapped in a 18 month’s body. He’s not enormous, but he could eat other kids his age as an appetizer.

Baby Jac is a sweet, sweet boy. Not perfect, but he packs a smile and a laugh that could soften the hardest of hearts. Jac has an issue, you see… He doesn’t like to go to sleep much at all. God is very kindly showing Jac how selfish and inconsiderate that really is, and he is slowly coming around to the Lord’s wisdom and for a couple weeks now, has been sleeping through the night – God does love us!!! The sleeping part he doesn’t mind so much, it’s the getting there that he fights with all his might. See, Jac has 5 older brothers and sisters. There is a lot for a little guy to miss out on….

As a demonstration of God’s love for us, there is the gift of music. And Jac loves music. He’ll jam out with the older kids and give them a run for their money. I mentioned last week how as parents we get to influence our children’s taste in music. Well, the apple doesn’t fall far, does it? Jac really likes folk music – and Adele!! (Side note: iTunes labels Adele as pop music. Not so sure that I would agree. If Michael Jackson is the king of pop, then how does Adele fit in?? I think pop is the “catch all” genre. If you aren’t sure where to put it, just classify it as pop….)

Jac really likes Adele – she has been a sleepy time angel for him and us. When he pitches the biggest fit about going to sleep, the first couple notes of “Rolling In The Deep” and “Rumor Has It” will quiet him down almost instantly. And by the next song he is usually out cold. Now I’m not saying that I think her music is boring and will put you to sleep, she has an amazing voice – “a sleep time angel” remember. The whole family are fans!!

I have been trying to expose baby Jac to other musical talents – hence the love of folk music. He is acquiring a taste for the Civil Wars, Iron and Wine, One Eskimo, the Head and the Heart and of course Over the Rhine!! He will quietly listen to any of these, but Adele has stolen his heart. She demands immediate results from him.

I was thinking about how we influence our children’s love for music. At this stage of parenting life, I am not as concerned about what genre of music they listen to as I am about the quality of music and lyrical safety.

As always, music is God’s common grace in our lives. Without music, Jac, wouldn’t be asleep right now, and he would have even more exhausted parents.

Thank you lord for the many gifts you have given us that we take for granted.

‘til next time…


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