Sunday, October 24, 2010

Catch up

So for the past week I have been out of commission. We started out on Sunday with a family picnic in Ellijay and apple picking at BJ Reece Apple house. We had a great time. Grammy (my mom) and Grandma and Grandpa (Aaron's parents) came with us... it was nice to not be out-numbered by children. We did subs for lunch, picked apples, then let each kid pick a "special treat" from the Apple house. Our main camera died after just a few pictures, but thankfully we were able to use daddy's phone as a backup.

Monday I felt sick, Tuesday was no better. After seeing my OBGYN he sent me to the ER for a chest xray where they found pneumonia. So after days in bed, a round of antibiotics, and Loli getting sick as well, then weekend came an brought lots of excitement. Matthias had fall festival at school on Saturday, the older kids went to Kennesaw Mtn with daddy, and Saturday night we cooked hot dogs on the fire pit and had fun with smores. Then we all seven piled into a tent and went to sleep. Daddy and I were pretty impressed with how well the children behaved and how quickly they went to sleep. If I must be honest, Loli and myself went into the house a few hours later. Also, Saturday morning started roughly with Matthias splitting his lip open after he fell from a bar stool and the bar stool landed on his face. I was surprised we didn't have to make a second ER trip this week... it was busted open like it had been fillet sliced... really gross.

Our oven broke Thursday night, so I have been doing my baking from my second home (the Holli House) definitely thankful for the hospitality. Tonight I was suppose to be making an apple pie and a pumpkin pie for my dear friends' going away party (which I am still in denial about). Unfortunately, putting your filling together and taking it with you to finish at someone else's house so you can bake it lends itself to forgetting ingredients... at least for me. I completely forgot the flour in the pumpkin pie. So after almost two hours of cooking it still wasn't solid. The one thing I've learned is you can fix most baking mistakes with marshmallows or cool whip, depending on the temperature of your dessert. So I took two, not completely soled but cooked, pumpkin pies, dumped them in a casserole dish, mix it all up and melted marshmallows on top... voila! pumpkin pie casserole ;-)

So thankful for this week, despite the craziness. The song that has been stuck in my head is "Oh no, You never let go through the calm AND through the storm. Oh no, You never let go, every high AND every low. Oh no, You never let go, no you never let go of me!" I think it's been very fitting this week through every high and every low, I am ALWAYS in the loving hands of my Abba Father!


  1. OHHhhhhhhhhh...I thought it was candied yams, but I actually LIKED it. And Chris had two big helpings. Very good pumpkin pie casserole :) Glad you're all healthy now!

  2. It was very yummy but it needs to leave my house!!! Scott disagrees, and I believe the way it will leave is in his tummy! Thanks for blessing my hubby! Love you T