Saturday, November 6, 2010

Full Throttle

Life is in full speed and it's hard to catch time to post. So I'll attempt to do a quick update of the past couple of weeks. Although our oven has been broken my mother in law so graciously allowed me to come over and put our apples to good use.

apple crumb cake

apple cobbler

For October 29 Carson, Matthias, and Dylan all had fall festival parties. I was not able to attend matthias' party but did send in candy apples for the teachers and sliced candy apples for the kids. The first attempt I did not cook the candy long enough and it ended up soupy for the slices. I got it right with the actual candy apples though.

Dylan wanted to be one of the twelve dancing princesses for her book themed costume, so I made her skirt from my 8th grade formal dress :-)

very last minute costume...

craft at Dylan's class party 

Carson wanted to be Samson for his costume

Also very last minute...

But I was very excited that the kids invited me to their parties. It is amazing to realize how God has blessed these relationships in such a short time of adjustment. I am excited to see how we grow closer in the future.
Halloween with the youngest... Matthias went as Luke Skywalker and Lorelai as Belle from Beauty and the Beast. This is the first year they have ever gone trick-or-treating.

I know there are a few events that I've missed, so I will try and catch up on those tomorrow. It's been so long I can't remember what I'm forgetting... or is that preggo brain?

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