Wednesday, July 6, 2011

And the list goes on

33. Family vacations
34. The zoo
35. Serendipity coffee
36. New clothes
37. A peaceful car ride
38. Adoption finalization
39. A dear friend being our lawyer pro bono
40. Being married to my best friend
41. Three story ferris wheels
42. Red picnic table
43. Kangaroo paws
44. Matthias learning to read
45. Losing more baby weight
46. Walks with my iPod
47. Late night conversations
48. Anniversaries
49. Dinner with dear friends
50. Starbucks coffee straight from the Seattle store
51. Finding the right shade of grey for our walls
52. Buying the couch we had in mind
53. The opportunity to serve because God has blessed us
54. Time with extended family
55. A patient husband
56. Linen sheets
57. Cheap homeschool curriculum
58. The chiropractor
59. Knock knock jokes
60. Amanda sissy moving home!

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