Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Little hands, little feet, little you... BIG God

Kids are intrigued by the smallest things. This is a closed down blockbuster near our house. After a trip to the local frozen yogurt shop, my children stared in amazement at the empty space. As I look across this picture I cannot help but notice the small one. The one whose height seems so big compared to my newborn, but so small compared to the rest of the world. This is my baby girl -  and yesterday I put her on a BUS to her first VBS! For people who know me, you migh think I've lost my mind. I never would have done this a year ago, or really even a month ago. All I can say is God is at work. The reason I would have never sent her before is because I fear so much that my children will be hurt... and they may be... really, honestly, they will be. Someday, someone is going to hurt my children, and my heart will break everytime theirs do. But I also have to believe truth. God loves my children more than I do and will protect them. I did everything to ensure this is a safe church, with safe transportation. I even took down the license plate of the bus. Now I have to believe that God's hands can protect her more than mine ever can. That little girl, so brave to get on that bus with all her siblings, is still just that... my little girl. But more than that she is God's little girl. So I trust that she is in His hands, I pray for her safety and speedy return, and I find joy in all she learns about our Savior in the process. Because ultimately I want her too, to grow up to trust His hands.

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