Saturday, December 11, 2010

God is good ALL the time.

So, the past few days have been eventful and such a time of seeing God's kindness revealed to us. On my husband's way home from work on Wednesday he informs me that he thinks his transmission is going out and that he will be stopping by our mechanic to see what's up. An hour later the diagnosis is in... $1400-$1700... that we DON'T have, I might add. Now I have to start by saying the company my husband works for is AMAZING... and his boss and co-workers are as well. How God uses them in our lives is such a blessing. He let his boss know what was going on and the first thing said is that there is a new guy on the team who use to be a mechanic and they will be glad to pull him off training for him to put a new transmission in... for FREE. So right off God provided the labor. Then my husband went on the search for a transmission. Apparenty there are many junk yards left, and we couldn't trust the craigslist ads. So my hubby sent out an email to everyone he knew and asked for wisdom and prayers. I was so proud and grateful for his humility to do so. The verse that pops in my head, paraphrasing, is "God resists the proud and gives grace to the humble". By thursday morning one of the other guys from work had spoken to a parts guy at one of his lots (Aaron works for an automotive specialist company, who does car interiors, and exteriors for resale car lots) and was able to find us a transmission with 42,000 miles on it and a small parts warranty for $750 after tax and fluids that needed to be purchased!!! So now God has provided the transmission. We still didn't have $750 lying around, but it was a lot less overwhelming than the $1400-$1700 we originally thought we would be paying. God provided above and beyond. He is always such a show off... and I LOVE IT! We had the money gifted to us! So yesterday Aaron, his boss, and the mechanic on the team took the transmission out, waited forever for the new one to arrive, and worked past dinner time to put the new one in for us. We absolutely CANNOT thank you guys enough for your servant's hearts!!

To top it off God showed off yet again. One of the families my husband had originally emailed came to our door with a christmas card. In the card were movie tickets for a date night and a money gift. Of course, I cried. So now, not only is our transmission fixed so Aaron can go to work (since he works out of the truck), but we also get to have a date night, and some money so I can get some christmas presents for the kids. (Secretly, I was more excited about the movie tickets)

I am thankful for God's kindness, knowing that if I got what I deserved I would get a lot... a lot of really horrible stuff, but instead my Father lavishes His kindness on me.

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  1. I enjoyed reading this, and it came at just the right time for me to read too! We too are strapped for cash, and have been burdened with unexpected bills, and Dec. is the WORST time for such a case! Our anniversary is next week and husby told me today that we wouldn't be able to celebrate (which was disheartening news to this stay-at-home-mom who was looking forward to eating a dinner with both hands!), But as ALWAYS, God is good!I got an email from my Father-in-law saying he had a gift card for us to go out to long as they could watch the kidd-o! what a blessing!! I am often humbled by God's merciful provisions and grace!!!