Tuesday, January 11, 2011

For my five weeks of Christmas my God gave to me...

a REALLY busy season of life! :-) I'm just going to post all of our Christmas pictures and let them speak for themselves... I'm still trying to recouperate. Below I have pictures of MOST of our holiday festivities, but not included in pictures are four school christmas parties, three book exchanges, two pj/ polar express days, and one full week of craziness!! Seriously, one of the toughest weeks in my life. The teachers should be grateful I was stil able to get their christmas gifts to them :-)

Dec. 9 - 12 dogs of christmas school recital

Dec. 17- Perfect ponytail for the rehearsal of Emily and Chris' wedding

Dec. 18 - very blurry picture of the bride and flower girl (emily and lorelai) entering the dance floor

Dec. 19 - We celebrated Lorelai's 3rd birthday, a day late, with the fairy cake she just HAD to have!

Opening Bday presents

Some crafts I did for gifts and will be selling on Etsy soon.
Ribbon Momento Boards

I tried my hand at candle making... with all recycled and repurposed materials

Also made blank Thank You cards with envelopes

December 24th - Christmas Eve Pajamas

Because it's tradition (I stole this tradition from my second family, the Hollis')

Even daddy got new pj pants!

December 25th - Christmas Day!!!

our tree and presents

making chocolate chip muffins christmas morning

one of lorelai's favorite christmas gifts

matthias has gotten a thomas station to add to his collection for the past three years!

Daddy got a new pipe... he was a happy camper

I got lots of crafting stuff and a couple of pairs of earrings! (and of course Sbux) He did good :-)

Daddy made a snowman with the younger kids after the four of us had dinner at Grandma and Grandpa's house (Aaron's parents) and went to see Tangled at the movie theater.

December 26th - Christmas with ALL of the kids

To be honest with you, this is one of the parts about a blended family that stinks. Every holiday doesn't have everyone there. So we did the best we could to celebrate Christmas day and the day after, so it felt like it was all together.  

Dylan got scrapbooking stuff. (which went with her "quality time gift" of a girls' day of scrapbooking later in Jan.
The older boys got skateboards (which went with their "quality time gift" of a boys day at the park) Matthias got a remote control car for the same boys day.

I knitted scraves for each kid. The loved them!

Matthias has always been a bit OCD... here is the content of his stocking lai out in order.

going through stockings


Our trip to North Carolina

all the kids loved being with their cousin Konner

Lorelai hanging out with uncle Kevin

Carson sporting his new hair-do at the park

the girls cleaning the kitchen

our wonderful hostess, Aaron's sister Kirsten.

their was a lot of interactive video gaming going on

January 9th - "Late Christmas Party at cousin Chad's house

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