Friday, September 16, 2011

Friday DIY - Who needs drawer liners?

The DIY can be used for that old end table, the dresser in your kids room, or even your kitchen drawers. Basically if you have a drawer, some scrap paper, and some basic items, you can redo any drawer you can find!

What you'll need:
  • a drawer
  • scrap paper
  • light paint
  • paint brush
  • glue stick
  • spray adhesive
  • sewing machine with all the fixins :-)

1. The drawer that needs to be covered.

2. Choose some vintage style papers from your scrap pile. You could also use coordinating colors and themes for whatever room the drawer will be in. This drawer is in a furniture piece painted to look shabby chic, so the scrap paper was in keeping with the same theme.

3. Lay white paper in the drawer and tape it together as a base to apply the printed paper. This helps the liner to fit perfectly when completed.

4. Lightly glue the papers down so they are easier to sew.

5. Do a creamy paint wash over the paper to blend the papers. Let your paper completely dry before you start sewing. Also, be sure the outside edges of the papers are glued down well, as they will not have any stitching holding them down.

6. Start stitching the seams of your papers. The zigzag stitch works well. You can set the width of your stitch according to your personal taste and what style of papers you are using. White thread was chosen to go with the light and "airy" look of the painted paper. After each seam has been sewn be sure to leave at least an inch of thread to tape and anchor to the back of the paper.

7. This is what it will look like once you have finished stitching and anchoring the stitches.

8.Turn the paper over and tape down any places, on the back of the liner, where you started and stopped stitching. You can also tie it off, but for liners taping is okay.

9. The edge of the paper should look like this when you are done stitching.

10. Use spray glue to attach your liner to the inside of the drawer. If you don't want the liner to be permanent, fallow the directions on the spray adhesive for a non-permanent hold.

11. Your finished product is a wonderful drawer liner made specifically to taste and coordination. Happy DIY Friday!

Pictures and Idea by Jennifer Griffin of Lily Mairi

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