Saturday, September 22, 2012

What happened to the rest of July, August, and September...

It was completely unintentional that we would stop posting --- especially so abruptly. Honestly, we've just had no time. Our three older children started school back the first week in August, and since their mom live an hour and a half-ish away... lets just say we spend a lot of time in the car. 30 hours a week (every other week), to be exact. Not to mention our four year old is in pre-k, and I am homeschooling 2nd grade for 7 year old boy. And then there is the baby... that is attached to my hip, unless he is in bed, trying to sneak out the front door, or tearing our house apart :) but I digress.

Our creativity hasn't stopped... I'm still creating seasonal crafts to decorate the house and have recently fallen in love with creating funtional pieces of furniture from recycled things - see the "Them Two Birds" tab. My hubby is still having an ongoing affair with his iTunes, and we plan on continuing our concert tour with the Of Monsters and Men concert at the end of November. Just not much time lately to sit down and really document anything.

People who know us well know that we are in the midst of great trial with an outcome that will change our life and family forever. I'm not at liberty to write about that right now, but I'm almost sure I'll have a whole book to write when all is said and done. I think even those who know us well may be fascinated with the behind the scenes version of our story :) So prayers for us despite the outcome would be great, that God make Himself known.

Hopefully, it won't be another two and a half months before I post again... but if so, know its because our life is crazy busy.

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