Monday, June 4, 2012

Music Monday - Jonathan Peyton

I want to take this opportunity to introduce a new friend who is a new up and coming musician. Its not often that you get the opportunity to get to know a musician personally or watch his career take off. His name is Jonathan Peyton. A really cool guy. I met him for the first time in November of 2011. We met at the home of a mutual friend after a meeting about starting a church plant in Woodstock.

As we talked, our conversation easily went to music. I quickly learned about his love for music and that he was in a band. - Cool, I thought, I already really like this guy. As we talked he told me about a cd he was trying to get recorded and produced. - Wow, I was impressed, this young guy is really persuing his dream.

We went our seperate ways that evening to meet again two months later at the first service of Sojourn Woodstock church. I was excited to get to know Jonathan better as we worked with a group to start this church. He is such a genuine guy who cares about those he is close to and is eager to serve his Savior. He has a desire to learn more about who God is and how he can honor Him and is humbly willing to share his heart. He is a hard worker (which is hard to find in young guys these days), working two jobs while persuing a music career. Jonathan has been busy gaining support by performing in coffee shops and doing house shows.

So after months of raising funds, recording, mixing and producing the mission was accomplished! Saturday, June 2nd, Jonathan threw a free cd release concert - his is first ever six track EP called Like A Ghost.

Jonathan Peyton's musical style would be a blend of folk, bluegrass and Americana. His style is unique and diverse. Vocally, his sound is powerful yet soft and heart-felt. Musically, his acoustic guitar is backed by a dobro, stand-up bass, banjo, tamborine, drums and bgv's. He also plays the harmonica and mandolin in some songs. This talented guy has artfully combined these instruments to create a great, enjoyable listening experience that promotes thought and inner reflection.

Jonathan Peyton's musical style is new and refreshing, sure to satisfy and guaranteed to be a success. You can find his single for free on or the full album on iTunes for less than $6 - it's well worth skipping lunch for one day!! Join the many in support of this new musician - so he can eat lunch and for our listening enjoyment!!


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