Saturday, May 12, 2012

Re-use Mismatched socks

As I went through our mismatched sock bag this morning... who am I kidding, it has actually taken a whole week :-)... I realized there are just some socks that I have been staring at for two years hoping to find mates to. 132 socks with no mates, to be exact. So... after sorting through them and deciding which ones were worth still searching for (about 20), I pondered what to do with these socks. It seemed like such a waste to just throw them away, and why would anyone drop them off at Goodwill for someone to deal with? So I turned to Google to find some nifty ways to reuse them. Here is a list of things I found.

Sock coffee cozy handmade gift

There are so many ideas... just get out and cyber space and find them!


  1. Awesome!!! although my loner socks aren't nearly as good looking. The beanbag idea would work great though!! ...and now to google beanbag games for my new sock-beanbags!!

  2. Corn Hole is always a favorite of ours... I'm sure you could find a DIY variation that wouldn't require building a wooden thingy :-)