Monday, April 30, 2012

Music Monday - The Choir Concert!

I have mentioned previously that one of our favorite bands is The Choir. Their talent is exceptional. Their creativity and artistry is original. Their longevity is, well, long. Their first album was released in 1985 – “Voices in Shadows” – then called The Youth Choir. Some 27 years later they released their latest record: “The Loudest Sound Ever Heard.” With almost 3 decades of making music (my point is not to acknowledge their age…), There comes a respectable level of experience, perfection and just plain old good music.

We had the pleasure of seeing them live a couple of weeks ago, performing their “Chase the Kangaroo” tour. We had an exceptionally busy weekend (especially my amazing and gorgeous wife) and almost didn’t make it to the show. Perhaps it was a combination of needing a break from the busyness and my persistence in needing to experience and support this band at every opportunity at any cost (the show was free!!!), I don’t know…. But we made it – the two of us and 5 of the 6 kids!! And it was so rewarding! I have been following The Choir since 1991ish, this was only my second time seeing them perform – the first time with the 4-piece band.

The first time I saw them was almost two years ago as a wedding gift from my marvelous wife. We went to a cookout they had in Nashville, at Dan Michaels’ home. Derri Daugherty and Steve Hindalong played some of the “greats” on the patio with a small circle of fans. This is how cool the guys are: I went over to Dan, who was standing off to the side adding some commentary in between songs. I asked him if they would play a request – “About Love”, one of the top songs in the running for our first dance song at our wedding – just the night before. He said they would be glad to and he brought out his sax to play in that song just for us! (They all got a kick at the fact that we were there a day after our wedding just to meet and hear them. As if we didn’t have other things to do…..)

We saw Derri about a year later doing a side project with Mike Roe (Kerosene Halo). Before the show we went to talk to him, reminded him that we met at the cookout and he remembered us as the crazy couple who was there the day after our wedding. So last week, almost 2 years later, we get to see the full band play. It was such a good show. To hear Derri’s melodious voice, their skill in making music, and how they pull it altogether to make one harmonious sound is just captivating!!

Again, this is another way the band is way cool: After they played their set and went off stage awaiting the encore, I mustered up enough courage to go back stage and attempt to make a request. It was kinda funny, I pulled the curtain aside, stepped in and they were all standing right there – I almost ran over Derri as he was about to walk out. I humbly pled my case for them to play, you guessed it “About Love”. Perhaps a little shocked by my intrusion, they said ok, we’ll see. They ended the night with our favorite Choir song:

Sorry to call so late

The planet turned 4 times

You're on my mind but you're nowhere

In my world

Please kiss the little bird

God bless the cozy cage we share

You kill me

You thrill me

You threaten my dreams, girl

There's something wonderful about love

There's something wonderful about love

There's something lost about me with you

There's something blind about the chosen few

There's something wonderful about love

So, of course, after the show we hung around to say hello to the guys and introduce the kids. Derri recognized us right away, Steve and Dan knew they knew us from somewhere, and quickly remembered as we told them the story. They were excited that we brought the kids and took time to greet them all.

We were talking to Dan for a few minutes (showing off tattoos) when Matthias chimed in. He was really curious about this “funny looking” instrument that Dan played – curious enough to have the courage to ask him about it… Dan was so patient and kind to invite all the kids over to his “lyricon” to give them a little infomercial and demonstration. The kids were all very excited (as were we)!!

A lyricon is an electric saxophone that is shaped similarly to a clarinet. It is a pretty cool instrument (I think I need to have one…), you can change the sound to other instruments and even add in some neat effects. If you were to look up “lyricon” on wiki-pedia you would find a list of prominent lyriconists, and there in the list is none other than Mr. Dan Michaels!!

What an awesome group of guys!! But, don’t take my word for it. Check them out for yourselves. Whether you are young or “older”, there is something in their music for everyone. A “MUST” for any musical connoisseur! God has used the musical gifts he has given these guys to influence the Christian music scene for many years. The reach of their influence goes wide as they have worked with many many other artists. And Lord willing they will continue to do so for years to come.


At Chili's after the show. The kids were begging to go to sleep without brushing teeth or putting on pjs

Side bar from the wife – My favorite lyrics to the song differ from aaron’s:

When you get home come spring

Wont you be glad to be mine

Just don’t laugh

Please don’t cry

Just say so

We started dating in the spring of 2010, and it would make sense to anyone who knows us well, why this is my favorite verse.

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