Sunday, February 19, 2012

Valentine's day is every day, or every day is valentine's day...

Almost a week later I'm talking about Valentine's day. Yep. That's me. I'm pretty much late to everything and completely unprepared. So all of my friends on facebook were showing their pictures of flowers and gifts, and telling all about what their wonderful husbands did for them, but not once did I see a couple post abou the huge arguement they had as they walked out the door, or the conflict that lingered as they ate their food. We will be that couple who discloses the reality. Maybe your life is perfect. Mine isn't. But that is quite alright with me - most of the time - because someone has to be real and help everyone else feel better :-)

On Valentine's Day Aaron bought me my fav breakfast from Starbucks and had candy and beautiful flowers waiting on the dining room table. But the day started with a conflict from the previous day looming and didn't feel quite as romantic as it should... which, as a brainwashed by hallmark wife, made me even more angry. My hubby left for work and I off to a party with the kids. All in all, the day was starting off promising. We had plans for that night to go painting at a local venue and maybe grab something to eat. No big deal. Well, this is how the series of events went from the time we reconnected at home mid afternoon:

I never called the paint place to check availability, thinking no one else would go painting. I was wrong. Class booked. I'm angry because hubby didn't plan anything although he wanted to go painting. Checked back a couple of hours later... there was a cancelation. 7pm painting - scheduled. Called our local favorite restaurant Magnolia House, one reservation left, happens to be after our painting class. Reserved. Everyone's happy. God is good. 6:55pm leaving the house I can't find my wallet, husband lifts up console to help me search, piles of stuff falls of console, I'm annoyed. No wallet. Big mess. Arguement insues. We leave in seperate cars. Meet up at 7:20 because really, we love eachother like crazy and can't stand to be away from each other for too long. Really we are that sappy. Too late for painting. We sit and talk, and talk, and communicate (which is completely different from talking). It's good. 9:30pm rolls around and our reservation with it. We sit and look at menu... apparently they are having a vday special which is twice as much as we are willing to spend and nothing that we like from their regular menu. We leave. It's 10pm - we try favorite sushi place. Closed. I'm discouraged. Just want to go home. Aaron won't let it go. Failure is not an option. 10:30pm - Taco Mac.

Once we got to Taco Mac I figured it was better than nothing. After being there for 30 mins I realized our night couldn't have turned out better. We talked, and laughed. Had our favorite beers and favorite meals and reminised about dating and our times at Taco Mac. Something about those old memories triggers new emotion. 12:30am - No arguements. Just happy, and blessed. Love him more everyday, because he's here every day. Not because of what he gives me, or how romantic he can be, but because when so many in our society shirk their responsibility, he takes it all on and is in the thick of it

There is something to be said for simple. There is something to be said for a lack of expectation. So for all of you who didn't have a perfect holiday, please know you aren't alone. And your marriage, hopefully, is stronger for it. And for those who did have a perfect holiday, I truly am glad. But when the occasion comes when you don't - take comfort that you're not alone.

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