Monday, October 3, 2011

DIY Tuesday...

So I didn't post a DIY for last Friday... Really, the weekend went by so fast I'm not sure what happened to it. Now, it is 1:30am on Tuesday morning. Mr. Smiley baby is finally back to sleep and I'm thinking about pumpkins. Well, actually just one pumpkin.

I've never done fall decorations mostly because they all seem to look the same. I've hunted this year to find some things that I would actually like. I made my first wreath, and bought some mums for the front porch, but no October is complete without pumpkins. Through a friend's Pinterest board I found a link to the Country Living website where there were instructions for a decoupage pumpkin. I didn't read the instructions beforehand so I ended up buying scrapbook paper instead of using the suggested idea of fabric copied on printer paper.

What you'll need:

White pumpkin (or orange pumpkin and white paint)

Scrapbook paper (or pattern paper)

Mod podge

Sponge brush

The scrapbook paper is pretty thick so you'll have to coat the pumpkin and paper really well. I bought "lace" specialty paper. I cut it into fours so i could make a diamond design. To prevent bubbles I put mod podge down the center of each diamond and moved out towards the edges. When it would no longer lie flat I used scissors to cut multiple slits until the paper was able to overlap itself at the corner. I also did opposite sides of the pumpkin first to make the overlapping corners even. Once everything was applied I did one more coat over the whole pumpkin.

Took about 1 hour to do. Definitely worth it.

Happy DIY!

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