Thursday, May 19, 2011

... because everyone could use some gratitude

1000 Gifts begins:

1. A husband who works hard
2. A six week old that only woke up twice last night
3. Beautiful park days
4. Friends who show God's care
5. Said friend bringing coffee while showing God's care
6. Matthias' heart to serve mommy (and the rest of the car) by being the paci watcher for Jac
7. Kids who want to tell me EVERYTHING that happens at school
8. A car that fits our whole family
9. Carson's "I love you's" and hugs just because he knows I need it... for the fifth time this afternoon
10. Not having to make dinner
11. Paper and plastic products
12. Lorelai's nite nite kisses
13. A new phone
14. Angel food cake

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